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By building resilience through community, and leveraging the power and influence of business, the natural products industry can have a meaningful impact on the health of people and the planet. In this webinar, you'll hear from leading brands, non-profits, and innovative entrepreneurs about how they are tackling the industry's biggest challenges. From upcycling food waste to tackling hunger, our expert panelists will share their roadmap for building stronger communities where they live and work, and how their organizations are investing in our planet and our shared future.


  • Kathryn Bernell (CEO and Founder of ReHarvest)

    Kathryn Bernell

    CEO and Founder of ReHarvest


    Kathryn spent her entire career in the food industry (working with Starbucks, Clif Bar, popchips) before getting her masters in Engineering and Business where she launched reHarvest Provisions after wanting to find a delicious way to make smoothies easy to enjoy (without turning her kitchen into a warzone) and to fight food waste!

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  • Hayden Dansky (Co-founder & Executive Director of Boulder Food Rescue)

    Hayden Dansky

    Co-founder & Executive Director of Boulder Food Rescue


    Hayden Dansky (pronouns: they/them/theirs) is a cofounder and executive director of Boulder Food Rescue, who works to create a more just and less wasteful food system via bicycle-based distribution of surplus produce and community-led systems. Their primary focuses are decreasing food access barriers, increasing health equity, and building community-led and participatory programs that support the inherent leadership of individuals within the community. Hayden also spends time writing poetry, supporting transgender people in recovery, and being obsessed with animals.

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  • Josh Domingues (Founder & CEO of Flashfood)

    Josh Domingues

    Founder & CEO of Flashfood


    Josh Domingues is the Founder & CEO of Flashfood, a mobile marketplace that connects surplus food from grocery stores directly to its community at great prices. Josh founded Flashfood in 2016 after reading about the environmental effects of food waste. Determined to make a difference, Josh oftens cites that if international food waste were a country, it would be the third leading cause of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) behind the US and China. Flashfood doubles down on using food to do good, by rescuing food that can be used to help feed those in need or unable to afford fresh and healthy food options such as those that Flashfood provides. Flashfood is currently partnered with The GIANT Company, Meijer, Tops Friendly Markets, Giant Eagle, Stop & Shop, Hy-Vee, SpartanNash and Loblaw Companies Limited. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce Cum Laude (Finance and Management Science) from Saint Mary’s University, Josh started his career as an investment advisor before becoming a management consultant and VP at a boutique firm that managed financial affairs for professional hockey players.

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  • Sierra Fowler (Manager of Customer Health and Sustainability at Danone North America)

    Sierra Fowler

    Manager of Customer Health and Sustainability at Danone North America


    As a social impact and environmental sustainability professional, I work at the intersection of business and public benefit. From working with fledgling nonprofits and enterprises to serving global corporations, my breadth of experience informs my perspective on creating economic opportunities and drives my passion for acting as a responsible steward of the planet.

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  • Alyssa Harding (Senior Consultant at Anthesis Group)

    Alyssa Harding

    Senior Consultant at Anthesis Group


    Educational foundation in Environmental Science and agricultural ecology, and recognized excellence in thought leadership on the topic of corporate social responsibility. Independently motivated and dynamic candidate who is dedicated to scalable collective impact programs and helping drive institutional change through sustainability. Passionate about developing solutions to climate change challenges through strategic innovation, building better relationships with clients, investors, and employees, ultimately enhancing brand growth and delivering on the triple bottom line.

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