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How can brands and their consumers save the world? This session covers 3 things:

- Convenient fantasies about climate change that brands and consumers lean on

- Sustainability consumer insights to support brand growth and priorities

- Connects the dots for how brands can implement and communicate their sustainability efforts


  • Sherry Frey (VP Total Wellness at NielsenIQ)

    Sherry Frey

    VP Total Wellness at NielsenIQ

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  • Valerie Hawks (Head of Production & Sustainability)

    Valerie Hawks

    Head of Production & Sustainability


    Valerie Hawks is the spirited Head of Production and Sustainability at Interact Brands, a strategic design studio shepherding tomorrows brands. Valerie’s 15 years of print production experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm guides clients from bright eyed startups to courageous industry vets. She’s passionate in areas of the circular packaging economy that allow brands to maximize the sustainability of their packaging while minimizing their carbon footprint.

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  • Nicole Sullivan (Climate Services Manager at Carbonbetter)

    Nicole Sullivan

    Climate Services Manager at Carbonbetter

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  • Katrina Tolentino (Executive Director of Naturally Austin)

    Katrina Tolentino

    Executive Director of Naturally Austin


    Facilitating connections and building community is in my DNA. I love to create opportunities and experiences that foster connective tissue between diverse groups to build stronger ecosystems. Currently, I do that through my work at Naturally Austin, a nonprofit that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, brands, retailers, and industry experts to make Austin the best place to launch and scale a natural products company.

    I have 17+ years of experience in launching and scaling organizations and programs through partnerships, program and experience design / strategy, and community engagement. My strength lies in my ability to create and take ideas and make them a reality. I do this by connecting or creating new dots and sitting between multiple business disciplines to manage complexity, galvanize stakeholders, and drive bigger outcomes. I thrive in the gray and believe that the relationships that we have and the communities that we build around the work that we do is the key to how we sustain them.

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