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It's more important than ever for brands to have initiatives around sustainability. Consumers especially want less packaging waste from the products they buy and use every day.

In this session, we will discuss how brands can authentically make strides toward more sustainable packaging. Is it realistic for food, beverage and cosmetic brands that need shelf stability to protect the quality of their products? Where is the technology around sustainable packaging today and what opportunities are there for companies to embrace better packaging solutions?


  • Paul Alshooler (MWNY)
  • Lillian Cartwright (Shelflife)

    Lillian Cartwright



    Lillian Cartwright is the Co-founder and CEO of NY-based tech start-up ShelfLife. ShelfLife is building the B2B marketplace for ingredients - seamlessly connecting emerging food and beverage brands to the best suppliers. Lillian began her career at Denver-based start-up Craftsy. Priding itself as a hub for creative enthusiasts, Craftsy produced video content and sold materials for a variety of hobbies from baking to quilting. Those 4 years spent in Denver introduced Lillian to the world of opportunity that exists at the intersection of food and entrepreneurship. Lillian earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated with a bachelor's in economics from Princeton University.

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  • Greg Laptevsky (Founder & CEO of Myro)

    Greg Laptevsky

    Founder & CEO of Myro


    Founder and CEO, Greg Laptevsky is a growth hacker turned founder. His 10+ year marketing career has covered diverse industries from personal finance to wine, to cars and even food—the latter landing him at a meal kit service, Plated, where the idea for Myro was born. Leading the customer acquisition function at Plated, Laptevsky put his fascination with behavioral economics to good use. Greg holds a BA in Economics & Political Science, and MBA in Marketing from City University of New York.

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  • Ryan Piela (Estee Lauder)

    Ryan Piela

    Estee Lauder


    Ryan Piela helped launch Estée Lauder’s New Incubation Ventures team. They look to invest in and incubate prestige beauty brands around the globe. They target brands from pre-launch up to $20m in annual revenue across Estee's core areas of haircare, skincare, cosmetics and fragrance. Prior to Estee, Ryan had 7 years of experience across VC, consulting, and as a prior founder.

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  • Marci Zaroff (ECOfashioncorp)

    Marci Zaroff



    Marci Zaroff coined the term “ECOfashion" in 1995 and is an internationally-recognized ECOlifestyle expert, educator, innovator, serial entrepreneur, and Author of "ECOrenaissance: Co-Creating A Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World," (Simon & Schuster). Founder and CEO of ECOfashion Corp —a “Greenhouse of Brands”—including B2B turnkey sustainable fashion manufacturer MetaWear, regenerative/organic cotton farm project RESET, QVC affordable sustainable lifestyle brands Farm to Home and Seed to Style, and D2C organic fashion brand YES AND. Board Member of the Textile Exchange and Organic Center/Organic Trade Association, and recipient of countless awards, she is also featured in the book “ECO AMAZONS: 20 Women Who Are Transforming the World,” and is a Henry Crown Fellow of The Aspen Institute.

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