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Naturally Network and SPINS have partnered to bring you top insights about the natural industry so you can understand what's happening today and what's on the horizon. SPINS experts will discuss how to use data, product attributes, channel trends, and consumer behaviors to navigate a complex ecosystem and grow shelf space. Plus, they will show you how to access perks available exclusively to Naturally Network members.

This session is an opportunity to learn more about Naturally Network's partnership with SPINS, a leading data provider committed to empowering emerging brands in the consumer goods industry so they can grow and compete in a dynamic market. Over the past 25 years, SPINS has helped thousands of CPG brands accelerate their growth by equipping the industry's innovative small businesses with the data, insights, and tools they need to thrive.

Panelists include:

About SPINS  

SPINS LLC is a wellness-focused data company and advocate for the Natural Products Industry. Over the past two decades, the wide adoption of SPINS' Product Intelligence has led to a common language used across the industry as well as laid the foundation for the next generation of innovation, while providing dynamic data, actionable insights, and digital activation solutions that drive growth for our clients & partners and contribute to a healthier and more vibrant America. Learn more at www.spins.com.