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What's your approach to self-care and why is it important to you?

We'd love to connect in this 45-minute experiential session where we'll dive into effective ways to engage in regular self-care through some short & simple guided mindfulness-based meditation practices.

Research shows resilience is becoming one of the most critical traits of high performance leaders, and regular self-care is a key component of resilience practice. With it, you can learn to cultivate greater energy, wellbeing and stamina to bring your goals into reality.

Participants will be provided a brief overview of the science of mindfulness and guided through three short mindfulness-based practices that can be applied to your daily life immediately!

The longest practice will be about 5 minutes and there will be breakout rooms and opportunities for group sharing, reflection and discussion.

The session will include:

  • Break-out room discussion on the role of self-care and why it's important to you
  • Short introduction to mindfulness and the scientific research behind it
  • 3 short guided mindfulness-based practices
  • Mindfulness of breathing meditation
  • Self-compassion: theory, short guided practice & reflection
  • Short mindful movement practice (no equipment needed)
  • Closing intention - you'll be invited to set one intention for your future self-care starting now

Note: participation in any of the guided practices is completely optional and cameras can be on/off at any time. And while we'd love you to share in the break out rooms, it is totally fine to just say "pass" if you don't feel like it. We invite you to get comfortable and enjoy taking some time for yourself during this session!

And, if self-care is something that seems to fall off your "to-do list", know that you're not alone! This workshop is for you - you'll walk away with some simple things you can do immediately to support yourself.

If you're already engaged in regular self-care practices, we'd love you to come share your lived experiences with the group.

Hope to see you there!


  • Jessica Malach (VP Marketing & Insights at Social Nature)

    Jessica Malach

    VP Marketing & Insights at Social Nature


    Jessica Malach is part of Social Nature’s senior management team, leading their growth strategy in the United States and Canada. Her greatest passion is supporting people to achieve their goals while cultivating joy and resilience in the process. Jessica has worked in the natural product sector since 2004, holds a graduate certificate in Mindfulness teaching & training from the University of Fraser Valley, BC and currently training as a Certified Resilience Coach.

    She speaks regularly on marketing & consumer health trends and has been featured in Strategy Magazine, Nutritional Outlook, Natural Foods Merchandiser, Whole Foods Magazine, Nosh/BevNET, Health & Wellness retailer, Plant Based Foods Association, Canadian Health Food Association, Canadian Securities Exchange and Food in Canada.

    Social Nature supports natural CPG brands to grow at retail through their Digital Demos sampling programs. The company believes that mindful everyday product choices can add up to a big impact over time for the health of people, animals and the planet.

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